Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Situation: My parents are getting divorced and I have to choose who to live with. I love both of my parents but I feel like if I choose between them, the other one is going to get hurt. My dad is staying near the school where I go to and my mom is moving out of district. I still want to be able to see my friends and both of my parents without hurting anyone. What should I do?

Advice: Divorce is hard. I would know my parents got divorced four years ago and I was in the same situation. So here is what I did. My mom stayed near my friends so I choose to live with her. So i could still go to school and hang with my friends. We created a schedule so on certain weekends I could see my dad but still have weekends to hang and do stuff with my friends. So every other weekend I would go to my dads house. My parents also switch off holidays. So one year I will be with my mom for Christmas and the next I will be with my dad. So maybe you could live with your dad and figure out a plan where you can see your mom on certain days or something. I don't suggest joint custody though. Then it;s not only going to be an even more hassle on you but on your parents. Can you imagine finishing you homework and then leaving it at you moms the day it is do? You would also need to find a ride to and from school most likely.  So talk to your parents and see if you can create a visiting schedule. I hope everything works out for you Roselily3!!!!!!

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