Monday, July 16, 2012


Hey guys! Kat here. So as you can hopefully see my blog is an advice blog type thingy. Lol. Anyways I know not all of you are comfortable with sharing your problems and that is understandable. Just know i won't judge you. Also if you are not comfortable with using you real name feel free to use a username (please send all questions, situations, ect. to If it also involves other people please insert a name (Doesn't have to be real name) so I don't get confused and it's easier for me to give you advice, I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE IT!!!!! Also please share with friends, family, your neighborhood hobos, hobos from other neighborhoods, anyone who might be having a problem that they don't know how to to solve. I will be posting a few situations that some of my friends have encountered so those probably won't have names just the situation and my advice. So just send me an email! :DD

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